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This site presents the Project VEGA. This project integrates:

  • Research in the areas of nonlinear image filtering and image restoration;
  • Development of the original image processing algorithms in these areas;
  • Development of the universal image processing software system VEGA utilizing the original image processing algorithms and many useful and powerful classical algorithms.

This site presents a brief overview of original image processing algorithms developed during the work on the project. These algorithms are mostly based on the original concept of Nonlinear Cellular Neural Filtering, but not only. The algorithms presented here may be used for the successful solving of such important problems as

The algorithms presented here are applicable in different areas:

  • Satellite imaging,
  • Medical imaging,
  • Forensics and security imaging,
  • Graphic arts, etc.

The processing results obtained by our original algorithms are significantly better than those obtained using traditional classical approaches.

Together with a brief conceptual description of the algorithms you can find here a number of examples of the algorithms applications.

All the algorithms are utilized in the image processing software system VEGA. This system contains a number of useful classical image processing algorithms supplemented by the original algorithms described here. The software is developed for Windows NT/2000/XP.

A complete list of the algorithms utilized in the system VEGA is also presented.

The software system is working, the development of its first version was finished recently. A process of the project development both in mathematical and software directions is permanently continued.

The project was developing starting from 1990 under supervision of Dr. Igor Aizenberg. It was supported during different periods by a couple of small Russian and Israeli private companies. In 1990-1996 the work was concentrated in Uzhgorod (Ukraine). During last years the work was still continued in Uzhgorod also as in Israel and Moscow (Russia).
Beginning from 1998-1999 the project team is stable. The key people in the team are Dr. Igor Aizenberg (project leader), Taras Bregin and Constantine Butakoff. During last years they worked together in Israel. A part of the project (Image Restoration, unbluring of image) is developing together with a research group in Moscow (Dr. Nickolai Merzlyakov (group leader), Dr. Viktor Karnaukhov, Dr. Olga Milukova) representing Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A group of young programmers (Miroslav Dobra, Ludvig Eder, Dmitriy Paliy) beginning from 1999 is working in Uzhgorod (Ukraine).

If you are interested we can send you a CD with demo version. Please, address all the proposals and reviews to Dr. Igor Aizenberg (igor dot aizenberg at gmail dot com).


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