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Image Processing Algorithms

Note that most of the presented images were reduced in size, to see the full-size image click on it's reduced version. The full-size image will open in a new window.
  1. Edge detection, Cellular neural Boolean filtering
  2. Image Shapening, Enhancement
  3. Image Restoration and Deblurring (unblur image)
  4. Multi-valued nonlinear filtering
  5. Family of Rank-Order Filters
  6. Nonlinear Combined Spatial-Frequency Domain Two-Stage Filtering
  7. Impulsive noise and Scratch Removal with Preliminary Noise Detection
  8. Frequency Domain Nonlinear Median-Like Filter for Quasi-Periodic and Repiodic Noise Removal
  9. Super-resolution algorithm
  10. List of VEGA Algorithms
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